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    [ ABOUT US ]

    • Our History

      The company is a joint venture of W&E International LLC, a famous professional manufacturer of PVC guardrail in the United States. The company was founded in 2003.

    • Our Technology

      Relying on American technology and focusing on product development, according to the current situation and development trend of American and international guardrail products, the company has designed and developed hundreds of guardrail and supporting products with patented technology.

    • Production Line

      The company specializes in research and development, design, production, sales and installation of lead-free environmental protection PVC guardrail and supporting facilities.

    Know About Huazhijie Railing & Fencing

    Deqing Huazhijie Railing & Fencing Company which is located near Shanghai, a well established leader in the Chinese PVC industry with $300 million worth of fencing and other PVC products annually.
    Started in 2003, Deqing Huazhijie Railing & Fencing takes advantage of  state-of –the-art extrusion production lines from Germany and Austria and utilizes the most advanced dies, formulation and production technology. The full PVC product line includes fencing, panels, profiles and doors. We offer more than 500 different styles of PVC profiles and  OEM requests are available...

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    [ PRODUCTS ]

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