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    PVC outdoor stair railings for sale
    Product Details:


    Product Features

       1. It can keep good looking for years which are longer than wood fence.


        2. You need not to paint or stain. And it can resist being fade.


        3. Strong point: aluminium steel inser to reinforce the fence.


        4. Our products are environmental friendly and non-toxic.


        5. We can offer any length or size according to your needs.

    GeneralAASLead PPMNot DetectedNot Detected 
     AASTIO2 % + UV %>10% of TIO2 alone>10% of TIO2 alone 
     ASTM962-02Height +1/32&rdquo;+1/32&rdquo;+1/16&rdquo;
      Weight Tolerance<10%<10%<10%
      Impact Resistance (ft lbf/mil)   
     ASTM D 792Specific Gravity1.46 g/ml1.55 g/ml 
     ASTM D 2240Hardness Type D Durometer8282 
     ASTM D 648Heat Deflection-under load(264 psi)154.6F151.0F 
    TensileASTM D 638Tensile Strength6133.6 psi4362.0 psi 
      Tensile Modulus266372 psi261480 psi 
    FlexualASTM D 790Flexural Strength10131 psi7691 psi 
      Flexural Modulus367177 psi322773 psi 
    StrengthASTM D 256Impact Properties   
      @73F IZOD, ft.lb/in notch14.942.90 
    Drop ImpactASTM D 4226Drop Dart Impact, in-lbf/mil   
      Ductile failure (Proc. A)>2.29>1.79 
      Brittle failure (proc. B)>2.29>2.20 



    Product Description

    Product Specification


     Standard Size for it



    Post:4"x4" or 5"x5" /101.6mmx101.6mm or 127mmx127mm(A08 or A01)
    Cap:New England(C41 or C51)
    Bottom Rail:2"x6"/50.8mmx152.4mm(A02)
    Top Rail:2"x3-1/2"/50.8mmx88.5mm(A14)
    Metal Insert:Bottom(optional)
    Picket:7/8"x3"/22.2mmx76.2mm(A15,C31 or C32)
    Matching Gate:available


    Customer-made sizes are also available 

    Matching Gate available


    Product Detail




    Installation Instruction







    Color Available

    4 common colors: white, tan, grey and wood grain.Special colors can be made according to color sheet.




    Product Effects




    Production Process


    Packaging & Shipping


    There are 4 packages for customers&rsquo; choosing: film (common package), weave bag, pallet and carton box.


    Company Information

    We are a professional manufacturer of PVC fence for about 10 years. See what kind of company you will work with:   




    Why Choose Us


    The advantages of PVC Fencing are great.  More and more people are turning to PVC Fencing for it's long lasting appeal, durability, low maintenance and safety features.  Great fencing for livestock and horses.  

    Some of the advantages of it are;
    UV resistant;
    No termite damage;
    No rotting, rusting, peeling or blistering;
    No painting;
    Non-toxic, and environmentally friendly;
    Easy installation.


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